Children Birthday Party

After numerous invitations to birthday parties spent in a Bowling Center, my son came up with the idea of having a birthday party, consisting of rehearsing and recording a percussion solo in my record studio with his friends. The following year, my daughter wanted to have her own disco on her birthday, so daddy climbed up on his ladder and installed lighting consoles. By the time I had realized the amount of fun the children had there, I started combining those brainchilds of my children’s brains and decided to offer the resulting concept on the internet. To this day, I enjoy meeting new children to spend an unforgettable but nonetheless educational afternoon together.

Children’s birthday:

First, I rehearse a small solo consisting of congas, djembes and other rhythmic instruments with the children in a playful manner. Then, we record a CD in the record studio and the children can spontaneously record even more such as singing alone or in groups, playing on instruments they brought along or improvising on the available instruments.

The offer is suitable for children above 6 years and 15 children can participate.

Time: about 3 hours

  • Getting to know and trying out various rhythmic instruments and drums
  • Rehearsing of a simple percussion solo on cajons, djembes, bongos and other percussion instruments
  • Recording of learned material and of spontaneous ideas of children on their own instruments
  • Snacks and unwrapping presents
  • After, the children can let off steam in the disco or test themselves in karaoke

In the end, every child can take a CD with their own records home!

Drinks, as well as plastic cutlery and dishes are included in the price; food like cake and snacks have to be brought.

The fixed price amounts to CHF 320


  • preliminary meeting in the premises for planning (if desired)
  • rehearsing and trying out various percussion instruments and drums
  • recording of a CD
  • disco for children, X-Box and board games
  • Food is usually brought along; drinks, cups, dishes etc. are available and included in the price

First and foremost, the children’s birthday is thought to be fun for the children and the educational aspect is a subordinate priority.

My aim is catering to your child’s needs in the best possible way, so a preliminary meeting for the sake of planning would be very important to me.

….Own ideas and proposes are naturally welcome!…